Professor Michael West’s new book on Compassionate Leadership in Health and Social Care has just been published (2nd July 2021) and can be found here for purchase.

It is with delight that we let you know that we have released this new book! Each of our books is uniquely different and this one too has a different story from the rest. If you are curious to know more, have a read below…

Walking this path of Compassionate Leadership with Michael started a few years ago when he invited me to co-author a chapter on the subject in Professor Paul Gilbert’s book ‘Compassion: Concepts, Research and Applications‘. You can imagine, I learned an awful lot! And then later in 2017, we worked together again on a research paper on Compassion and Innovation for The King’s Fund, with co-authors Ben Collins and Regina Eckert (click here to see the full paper).

Michael continued to develop the theme of Compassionate Leadership and integrate it with his previous research on collective leadership, teamwork, nurturing cultures of high-quality care, and organisational effectiveness. And whilst working with Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) on their Compassionate Leadership strategy (please see their amazing compassionate leadership portal), the idea of this book was born.

With the kind support of HEIW, Michael approached me in the winter of 2020, wanting to publish with the Swirling Leaf Press, because he knew we would work with him in a way to ensure his wish, that the book would be accessible and affordable for all, would be fulfilled.

It was lovely to have been asked and to have supported this project alongside HEIW, and it has been an almost 6-month labour of absolute love and learning for us all.

And who do I mean by ‘us all’? Well, with all these beautiful projects, it’s the people that make them and this is no different. This book simply wouldn’t be so beautiful (inside and out) had it not been for Mash Chudasama, my long-standing ballroom dance friend, who also happens to be a talented designer, from Mash-Design (he has infinite patience and a zen-like calm, no matter what) and Veronica Fajardo, our always-precise and equally patient copy-editor, who I met quite by chance one evening in a breakout room in our Zoom French class, just when we needed someone like her. What serendipity and how 2020!

Thank you and merci beaucoup Veronica and Mash. And thank you Michael for the invitation and for working diligently alongside the three of us.

Veronica, Mash, Michael and I feel proud of this book of ours (we think she is beautiful…) and hope the wisdom and beauty of Michael’s words shine through to you.

As I write this, the book is currently sitting at No 1 in the [business] leadership skills category – we are overwhelmed! Thank you to you all…We would love to know what you think/feel once you have read the book, so please get in touch! Thank you!

Resources for the Compassionate Leadership audio book

Below you will find links to download the resources section for each chapter, together with a link to the appendix which describes the questionnaires in more detail, and the references.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Appendix 1 – Using questionnaires and surveys

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The purpose of compassionate leadership in health and social care is to help create the conditions where all of those in our communities are supported to live the best and most fulfilling lives they can.

Professor Michael West

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