Compassionate Leadership book – resellers on Amazon (who we don’t even know – we have no relationship with them!) are over-charging for the book – know the prices we set and how to know you are buying from us!

Currently this book is available only through Amazon or directly through our website for orders >35 books.

We have noticed ‘resellers’ selling our book at extortionate prices (they will have their name in blue (as a link) on the page on the right-side, under the payment link). We have written to Amazon and this is apparently legal…

We currently sell only on the markets below and please note the prices that we have set on Amazon are below.

You will know you are buying from us as it should say, just below the add basket/pay now box on the right-side, ‘Sold and despatched by Amazon/ Au/Amazon etc, ie it will say ‘Amazon’ and not the name of a reseller (in a blue link).

Please, please, please don’t pay anything more than the prices below. We worked pro bono, and with absolute love and dedication, to help create this book and ensure it is affordable for everyone, so please be careful when you click.

If you have any questions please email

I have updated our Amazon book description to clearly state our prices:

Amazon UK (£15) ($22 USD)

Amazon in Europe (€20+ country sales tax) via Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain

Amazon Australia ($31.80 +GST)

Amazon Japan (Y2400+ tax)

In time it should be listed on Amazon Canada for $26 Canadian Dollars. The reseller is pricing our book at $70.98 Canadian Dollars…which to us feels quite wrong, but they are allowed to do it is what I have been told. Hence writing this blog to highlight the issue.

Thank you, Rachna

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