A collection of poetry inspired by love, truth and beauty, by Rachna Chowla, with a foreword by Rupert Spira.

After giving thanks to the poems themselves, Rachna invites the reader to join her on an intimate journey, through chapters such as, ‘Eyes, oh those eyes’ and their gaze of love, to ‘Love and other such beautiful truths’ and back out to the world in the form of reflections on the year that was ‘Twenty Twenty’, on her experience of the joy and discovery of meditation, her ‘Dates at eight’, and a last-minute-but-meant-to-be-chapter that invited her, and invites us all, to ‘Leave space for Ireland too?’

And like all good things that end, that are actually the beginning of something new, the final chapter pulls up the anchor for the reader to encourage them to begin their journey on their own uncharted poetic waters, sailing their ‘Paper boat’ through a few pages of perfect calm seas with just the right amount of wind for them to write down too, where the poems in this book have taken them. A little surprise here or there is most certainly in store.

This book has been intentionally designed to allow the poems to breathe and have space, so that the reader can ‘fall in between the words’. The book has 252 spacious pages holding 112 poems. The cover was created by Catrin Welz-Stein and the book designed by Mash Chudasama.

‘Poetic musings that found their way through this mysterious existence, into my heart, and now find themselves resting in your hands. I cannot say that they are mine, they just arrive, and I simply listen.

Rachna Chowla

If you wish to buy the book, it is available on Amazon.