A first collection of poetry, exploring the infinite angles of Love – divine Rumi-esque Love, passionate Love, yearning Love, merging-with-nature Love and of course eye-gazing Love, that beyond the word Love sort of Love.

Our first book, a collection of poetry by Rachna (not an anthology at all – a sweet beginner’s mistake – which we have left as it is – no need for even gentle word-Kintsugi).

Want to know more about how the poems first arrived and to hear some readings? Have a read of this lovely piece by the equally lovely Jenny Beal on the website of Rupert Spira (one of Rachna’s two meditation teachers) which features the story of a magnificent poem necklace in Venice where the poetry began, and listen to their conversation and some poetry readings too.

‘Poetic musings that found their way through this mysterious existence, into my heart, and now find themselves resting in your hands. I cannot say that they are mine, they just arrive, and I simply listen.

Rachna Chowla

If you wish to buy the book, it is available on Amazon.

The book has also been featured by INSEAD, where Rachna studied: https://www.insead.edu/alumni